There are a number of different types of websites today. The website type is based on the content that is presented and the purpose behind the site. There are three main categories for the various types of websites. These types are personal, business and educational. You will find that the majority of sites fall into these categories.

Personal websites

Personal websites can be based off a variety of things. They can be everything from family newsletters to picture sites. They can also be sites that are based on a particular interest. These are called interest sites.

Interest sites are sites that are based on a particular hobby or interest. They are usually run by a single individual and larger sized sites end up being run by other members of the sites. They also usually contain either blogs or forums.

Educational Sites

These are sites that either belong to educational organizations or they are designed to inform individuals of a particular subject matter. There are a number of different formats these types of sites come in but they maintain the basics of informing individuals of a particular topic or they are designed to promote an educational organization or institution.

The type of educational site of course depends on exactly what the purpose of the site is. Some education sites can qualify as personal or qualify as business/commercial sites depending on what the content of the site is. These sites can be either large or small and can be either simple or complex.

Commercial sites

There are a wide variety of commercial and business sites. There are some that are no different than personal sites and others that are large complex sites such as Amazon or eBay. Having an online presence is almost essential for businesses large or small these days.

There are some common elements to business or commercial sites no matter what they are categorized as large, small, or personal styles. These elements include pages for various types of product and may include not just pictures but descriptions as well as a variety of links.

There are also other elements that are necessary for commercial sites. If the site is selling something then it will need to have a shopping cart and security features in order to protect transactions. There are also the commercial sites which merely act as an online presence for service based companies.

Websites no matter what type they are need to be designed in such a way that they are easy to navigate and that it is easy to find the information that is being sought. Payment pages should be secured even if it is a personal based site for a home based business. The other option is to use a payment service such as paypal and simply include a link through pay pal’s services. This makes use of paypal security freeing you up from having to learn the aspects of coding or finding a template that is designed for secure payment use.

These are all things to consider when building your own websites. What type you are interested in building and what the purpose of the site is are a few questions you should ask before you begin building your website.

Source by Jas Smith