Internet being connected to the lives of everyone in different ways, any novice will think of having his own website. With lots of free tools being available in the internet for website building, it is not a big issue for anyone to build his own website if he knows the basics. However, you need proper planning to create a successful website. A successful website should have good traffic as getting traffic is the first priority of any business website. Therefore, it is worth examining what entails planning for a good website.

When you are planning for the building of your website, you need to think of the following basic aspects.

· Purpose of your website

· Its theme

· The key words to be used

· The targeted audience.

Website Building Planning It the Right Way to Create a Successful Website


Before setting off on the task of website building, you need to think of the task your website is going to perform. It could be a website that is going to fulfill your personal needs such as uploading photos for your family members and friends to see or to communicate with them. Also it could be a website designed to help you to promote your brick and mortar business. Sometimes, your need may be to start your own web based business. Whatever it may be you must define the exact purpose of your website.


Once you have decided on the purpose of your website it is important to decide on your theme. This is of special importance if it is a business website because everything else regarding your website will depend on its theme. One thing you need to remember is to select a theme that you are familiar with. The importance of your familiarity with the theme is that you need to add content in your website continuously to attract traffic. If you select a theme that you don’t understand, you will find it difficult to do so.


Whenever an internet surfer makes a search for information, he will use a keyword. If this keyword matches with one of the keywords used in your website there is the possibility for that surfer to end up in your website. But there are many websites that carry the same keyword. This creates a situation that only the sites that are best search engine optimized will come to the first few pages of search engine results. Therefore, you need to find some keywords that have less competition. It is possible for you to find 60 to 70 such keywords and have them strewn around your web pages in the right way.

Targeted audience

You need to prepare your content to a particular segment of the audience. You need to provide content that is interesting for the particular audience. When you do so, you will get audience that is interested on what you have for sale in your business website. After reading content a few of them could make a purchase or two also. This means your website building exercise is successful.

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