If you are a user of Yahoo mail you never need to worry on building a basic personal website or the website to promote your small time business. Though you are not aware it is brought to you by Yahoo. You could make a search on “Yahoo site  builder ” and find it. You get both the tutorials on how to do it and the download. What you need to do to use Yahoo site  builder  is to download it and install in your computer. You never need any HTML code or CSS code. Yahoo  builder  will do everything for you. It is a very good tool for you to build a basic website.

In order to build your website you need just three requirements.

· You need to have a Yahoo account.

· You must download and install Yahoo site  builder .

· You must have the plan for your website.

When you fulfill these three requirements it is not a difficult exercise to build your own  website  using Yahoo site  builder . When you listen to the Yahoo site  builder  tutorial you will learn the following.

1. The first thing you need to do is to provide the name for your website. When you open Yahoo site  builder  you will find the icon “create new site” Now you need to give the name of your  website  and save it. Now you have the name for your site. Click next to proceed.

2. In this step you have the option to find the template that matches your site’s needs. Pick up the right one and click next to go to the next step.

3. Here you will be able to choose the pages to have in your website. After choosing the right pages go ahead by clicking next.

4. Now it is a case of adding your text and editing the pages. You could add your photographs and graphics also. It is necessary for you to have all these features added in order to have a colorful website. In this step you need to do a lot of work as you will be adding everything into your website only in this step.

5. Once you have done everything to your satisfaction, you only have the uploading of your site. This is the step where you publish your site.

In order to build a personal  website  Yahoo site  builder  is a beautiful program. You could build your personal website effortlessly. This is one of the easiest ways to do it. If you have your content and photographs ready before hand, you will spend only a short time to build your website. As the backing of the Yahoo site  builder  tutorial is also there, you will never make a mistake when you build your site. However, Yahoo site  builder  is not the best program to build a  website  for a big business as it has certain limitations. It is a program created for the beginners to build their new websites. If you need a professional website you need to hire a web design company.

Source by Bruce John