What’s the best web site building tool out there? I’ve been asked that question so many times of the years and it’s funny but the best web site building tool is your imagination. But I’m betting that’s not why you are here; you’re here because you want a web site building tool to help you build your web site.

Do you want to create your own web site but don’t know where to start? So let’s see if we can figure out which web site building tool that is loaded with features that will save you time and effort but still allow you to build a professional web site. You should be looking for a web site building tool that won’t get you bogged down with “HTML code” and hundreds of files and links… Instead, you need to be free to concentrate on the design and content of your Web site!

A good web site building tool should:

o Provide a point and click interface

o Give you step-by-step instructions through each phase

o Be full visual, no code / HTML, so it is easy to use also for novices

o Allow you to create your web site with templates or… not!, in other words you can use templates but you are not forced to; you have full control on the pages / layout…

o Manage a whole site at once (no need to memorize file names, no need to continuously load and save pages, as you act on a whole document, even for searches and revisions), it cuts the boring tasks!

Always look for a web site building tool that is beginner and wallet friendly, don’t go out and purchase the most expensive tool out there, if you do you’ll most likely become frustrated and give up before you every finish your first web site.

What makes a web site building tool user friendly?

o A great interface

o Intuitive design properties

o Tutorials and/or help videos that are built in and easy to use

o It should allow you to understand and manipulate all tasks

o No or limited technical knowledge required.

I’m not here to tell you which web site building tool to purchase but a couple things to consider, step-by-step, point and click is the way to go if you’re a novice, find a web site building tool for under $100 that has all the above features and benefits and you have found a great deal.

Source by V Hargis