No small business can expect to survive in the Internet era without a website. However, the organizations that provide such a service change from year to year. For example, Wix was once deemed to be an important provider until it was found that Flash websites don’t work well with SEO. This is why you need an up to date list so without further ado, here are 5 of the top website builders of 2013.

1 – Volusion Gold

This service claims to be an all-in-one solution to your eCommerce needs and is designed to make it easy for your company to sell its wares online. There are 120 different website templates to choose from and you can attach keywords phrases for SEO purposes. It has 5 different packages ranging from $15-$195 a month. Criticisms of Volusion Gold include the fact that you don’t receive a free domain name and there is a lack of drag and drop functionality. On the plus side, it is one of the top eCommerce website builders on the web and has excellent customer support.

2 – SiteSpinner Pro

Unlike Volusion Gold, SiteSpinner Pro does have drag and drop functionality which is crucial for those looking to create a quick and easy website for their small business. You can resize images without warping them and it is possible to add a variety of multimedia features to your site including animation, maps and image galleries. One major downside is that there are only 33 website templates, far fewer than its rivals. You can purchase it from Amazon for less than $100.

3 – Site2You Premium

There are 128 website templates and it is one of the few website builders that offer unlimited bandwidth and storage. Indeed, Site2You Premium’s biggest selling point is its tremendous hosting abilities. You also get an unlimited number of email addresses and webpages so you can create complex and professional sites. The basic 1.0 Premium package is $49.95 per month and you get free domain and site hosting.

4 – SiteW Pro

With 3 domain names and unlimited bandwidth, SiteW Pro gives webmasters plenty to work with. Features include the ability to use social networking integration while creating a store, forums, newsletters, music and widgets. There is also automatic file backup and multimedia such as image galleries and audio can be added. The fact that there are only 15 website templates is its biggest flaw. You can choose a free package, Premium or Pro which is $39.99 a month.

5 – iBuilt Essential eStore

This website builder’s site editor is a joy to use and makes it easy to change any one of the 100 available templates. You can crop images in no time and resizing them without distortion is also a simple task. Although the hosting capabilities are not on a par with some of its rivals, iBuilt still offers more than enough to meet the needs of small businesses. Packages range from $19.95-$39.95 per month.

Use any of the above website builders to promote your small business and increase brand awareness. These are among the best options in 2013 and can be used to create a website to suit the needs of your business and its customers.

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Source by Jason Kay