As you are doing a small business then your website is a vital piece of your branding and marketing efforts. Your first priority is that visitors coming to your website and they have specific reasons, and you want to make sure that when they came to your website you answer their questions and sell your products and services by using your website.

If your website is designed in a wrong way then you can easily lose a lot of dollars at first and ultimately lose more sales that you could be getting from a good designed and properly functioning website.

So, increase your business by avoiding these common mistakes that many small business owners do.

1 Putting urgency over understanding target market

The first thing that many small businesses did not follow is that they do not focus on their target market so, instead of getting quickly design of your website you should do some research on your target market then design your website around your research for your target audience. For instance if your target market is young generation and you are offering services to young people then website should be mobile friendly there should be attracting elements in your website design. But if you are targeting old people then fonts of your website should be some big. So, your main focus should be on your target audience while designing your website.

2 Design is too busy or flashy

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My company, Tekfold, is a web design and development company and we know that in order to get success in internet market the need is to focus on our marketing your website design. The main focus of your website design is not only bringing users but also when they reach to your website get them on the right place. Second thing is that flashy websites are not very good on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. So, design should be user friendly and informative for visitors.

3 No clear call to action

Now your what is your main focus what you want from your visitor, are going to sell some products to your visitors, offer some services, contact you or subscribe your business news later. You need to guide the visitor that what is the nest step and when it is. Answer the question with your content and then call of action of your business.

4 Paying to little are too much

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Many small business owners do this mistake most. Often they go to those website development companies which do not have professional work experience. They go to them because they charge some little amount as compare to market as result they got a horrible website design. Some of small business owners go to that website developer companies which work with the big brands and charge to much from them, as result they lose many money.

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 5 Trying to target everyone

This is very big mistake that when we are running a small business then we try to target everyone to increase our revenue but as result we end up with nothing. So, this is goes back to you that do some proper research and work on your related market and create some best experience for then to please your audience and get the proper results.

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