We realize from studies that almost everyone who wants to start a business with you, first he will look at your website. And nothing distracts him faster than a website that looks out-dated. Even small twists on your design can help your website to hold a pace with layout trends could make a huge difference. Let’s have a look at today’s trends out there if you are planning a redesign for your website.

1. Less photography and more Illustrations

In 2015, B2B websites have been ruled with the aid of impersonal or un-inspired stock images. In 2016, we will find responsive and relevant Illustrations getting used for extra to help companies to show their stories. Illustrations create more than a personal connection due to the fact they are often extra engaging and a fun for the visitor.

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2. Responsive design

As we all know that trend of mobile use is increasing very fast and about fifty present of Google searches are performing by mobile users. Now in these days mobile friendly design is an essential part of a web design. If your website is not responsive then it has a negative impact on SEO as well. Your website ranking effects by not having a responsive web design.

3. Content First

We have studied that now the digital market is about the content. It is very important that how you use your blog. Before you choose your images, fonts and color for your website it is very important that you make a proper content strategy for your website. Also try to focus on the content not only its look and feel.

4. Flat design

During the past few years, flat designs become very common. B2B businesses are now adopting trends of flat designing in their redesigns. The important thing, flat designs looks great on mobile devices.

Flat web page example image

5. Hero images

Using a hero image is a great strategy for your business. Hero image communicates your company’s value position, message and story without having text. Using images with your employees, products and buildings is good instead of using stock photos.

hero imag example page

An important thing that you should keep in mind while using a hero image for your homepage, we predict that in future, designs will find greater use for prime home page space.  Usability testing recommends these large images are often can distract visitors and can be misused. If you are going to use a hero image for your website, make sure that in future you can easily adapt the design changes.

6. Icons

The complexity of B2B businesses is more than B2C storefronts. For effective communication that what is your company doing use icons. Mobile users can easily understand about your business services, products and offers if you use a proper and descriptive icon in your web design.

Icon example page imag

7. Long pages

For users who are using the smartphones and scroll the pages with their thumb or pointer finger, long pages are good for web design. Use long pages for your business and fill them with related content it will help a lot in your business growth. The thing that you need to keep in mind, search engines and users only love the quality content.

9. Cards

Tiles or cards are greatly inspired by the Pinterest a social media website. Many B2B companies use them to pay attention to their content in a new visual way. Companies can use them for their product promotion, releasing dates or blog entries.

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9. Anchored navigation

When a user visits a web page which is a long page then he can be lost, but an anchored or persistent navigation bar stays with  the visitor while scrolling on the page, this keeps the visitor engaged with the website.

10. Whitespace

This is true that graphics are very popular but messing the web page with lots of graphics is not a good practice and can distract the user. To maintain the balance in web pages use white spaces.

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