Choosing a design for your website is a difficult task. Sometimes it becomes very hard to find the right website design for your business website, in that situation you are not sure that what’s happening or which way to follow for your web design. Well, if you are searching for your new business web design, then here is a solution for your problem. I have selected some cool, bold and clean website design for your web design inspiration which will help you to find the best web design for your website design.

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Maybe there is a question in mind that why and what makes clean and cold design so special?

So, the answer is Clean and Bold design gets more attention, attract more users and makes easier browsing for the users. If your web design is bold, then the user will be attracted while ordinary and cluttered web design makes the user bounce before anything you tell him, because messy and boring designs are not working now in the sense of the user. Clear and clean web design, also do the right thing of your business in front of the page and minimize the user distraction. So, check out the options below and let me know that which one you like most.

10 Websites for Web Design Inspiration

  1. Everlane


This is the best example of clean and bold web design to get inspiration. I would like to say that with the clean and simple design the site has awesomeness and has the bold font and clean design. Nicely designed and easy to understand website design increase the website usability.

2. Catscarf


You see that this has a big featured photograph of a pretty, loving and very beautiful cat with a very beautiful scarf around the neck of the cat. Yeah, you have understood that this site is offering scarves for cats. Here we see that the name of the site and a pretty cat just below, on the front page of the website. This is very nice and clean design example for business sites.

3. Falve


This site is featured with full page picture of men’s clothing and in bold fonts with the descriptions about the site which definitely defines the website’s purpose in a simple and very clean way.

4. GC Watches

GC Watches

Very impressing and presenting website design for the watch business. Any user can clearly understand that what is the site is offering. Just clean and attractive design for inspiration.

5. Squarespace



Highly attractive graphics. Simple and defining user interface. Yes, Squarespace has a bold and defining image with expressive and bold text on the website by which user can understand the niche of the website easily. There is a video slider on the front of the site which describes everything properly. This site has a great design for web design inspiration.

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