Discover here the most important and amazing UI trends which should be implementing in 2017 and why? I will discuss that.

The world of web and UI design is changing day by day and very fast moving in the field of technology. It is very hard to be always up to date with the newest technology and trends. As 2016 slowly draws to a close, we pick out 10 of the most important and amazing trends that we believe you should be implementing in 2017 – and why.

10. Experimental Navs

Top 10 Amazing UI Trends for 2017 to Try This Year

Navigations and menus are continually being hot and maximum important subject matter for the designers. With the strains between cellular and laptop U.S.A. Beginning to blur, and the growing use of hamburger menus on large screened UIs, there is lots greater creative scope for designing menus and navigations.

Sticking with hamburgers, for example, what they do provide is consistency whilst designing and constructing responsive websites, as you can layout a single navigational structure which balances and works throughout all gadgets. What’s more interesting here, though, is the amount of innovative freedom afforded by way of the use of a hamburger.

With the menu hidden off-canvas, designers can give themselves the whole viewport window to craft a creative solution. The sky’s the limit for innovative opportunities, but as constantly, navigation serves an important function within UX so makes sure that it’s never shaping over characteristic – customers need to be able to quickly discover your content material!

Not all designers believe using hamburgers for a desktop application.  It’s a topic itself, this is worthy of its personal blog submitting, however, 2017 and out there’s positive to see greater experimentation with navigation options and menus, for better or worse!

Why use them?

Navigations are not restricted to a single row of hyperlinks caught to the top of the viewport, and there are in reality extra innovative solutions to be had to help customers discover their manner.

09. Typography

Top 10 Amazing UI Trends for 2017 to Try This Year

With an ever-increasing variety of net font services (google fonts, Typekit) presenting unfastened or fee-effective font households, assume to see extra brands embrace large, ambitious and exquisite typography in the region of device fonts and completed-to-loss of life, today’s san serifs.

As we’ve seen during 2016, and with predictably more to return, web typography will draw from conventional photo and editorial layout, experimenting with extra creative typefaces which might be huge, formidable declaration portions, taking a center level in the design.

Why use them?

Typography is every other innovative medium for manufacturers and designers to test with when growing content material that is full of personality. As discussed all through this newsletter, lots of these tendencies work hand-in-hand collectively, and creative typography is actually a prime example of this. Use typography together with imagery, video, illustrations, colorations and unconventional layouts to create unique reports.

08. Micro-Interactions

Top 10 Amazing UI Trends for 2017 to Try This Year

Micro-interactions, generally in the shape of small, on-screen animations are gambling an essential function in UI and UX design these days, in particular on cell and smaller display gadgets.

From a person experience attitude, micro-interactions are not simplest small, interesting on-display screen animations or transitions, but are kinds of visible remarks for the consumer and their moves. Micro-interactions allow users recognize what is happening, what has happened, and what will manifest next as they have interaction with the UI.

The use of Facebook’s famous ‘like’ as an example: while a user clicks the thumbs-up icon to like something, it will increase in length and turns blue before returning to its authentic length, multi-function fluid animation, informing the person that their movement (like) has been finished.

Smart designers are capable of putting the ‘a laugh’ into ‘useful’ too, through unique customers in addition to informing them. From playful loading animations to slick icon transitions, powerful micro-interactions engage and inform at the same time.

Why use them?

Micro-interactions provide beneficial, humanized comments to let customers recognize what to do and what is going on, in a considerate and pleasing manner. They can assist make easy, mundane tactics a laugh, in addition, to offering crucial remarks.

07. More Cards!

Top 10 Amazing UI Trends for 2017 to Try This Year

Playing cards, again, aren’t a new leap forward fashion, but they’re a purposeful UI which have continuously received prominence in web design following their achievement in mobile UI layout and their inclusion in google’s fabric layout.

In line with google, 2015 officially saw mobile gadgets overtake computer systems as the maximum popular platform for surfing the net, so more designers are blurring the traces between cell and computing device americato create a more seamless user revel in.

Playing cards are a high-quality versatile UI that work across the board, from smaller screened gadgets all the way up to the bigger ones. They’re an exquisite manner to organize and display huge quantities of information on the display screen at a single time, permitting users to quick leaf through what’s available and make their desire of what to view. Facebook, twitter, Netflix, and Pinterest are all powerhouse digital structures that utilize cards for this very purpose.

Why use them?

Playing cards are a wonderful manner of organizing small bursts of records and their flexibility is valuable on smaller monitors for setting up and eating content material. They’re an answer that may show textual content, imagery, video and the whole thing in among, scaling up from the smallest screened devices to the largest. Cards provide endless versatility, allowing designers to flip, spin, stack and filter them for all manner of UX functionalities – greater of if you want to be defined with micro-interactions.

06. Parallax

Top 10 Amazing UI Trends for 2017 to Try This Year

Following on properly from breaking the grid and long-scrolling, is the use of parallax, something which often works notable on the side of less traditional layouts. In a nutshell, parallax is the impact in which the history actions at a slower rate than the foreground, giving a feel of intensity and dynamism as customers scroll. It isn’t a brand new mechanic, however, something that is being applied more and more as brands test with its capability.

Why use them?

Parallax is something which ought to be used cautiously as it is able to fast come to be over-bearing for customers. But, while implemented thoughtfully, it offers a high-quality sense of dynamism to assist carry content off the web page and have interaction users. Use it in conjunction with imagery, textual content, and a less inflexible layout to create fluid, layered content material.

05. Breaking the Grid

Top 10 Amazing UI Trends for 2017 to Try This Year

The grid has long been a holy grail of kinds for designers, providing a foundation for design which guarantees consistency, balance, rhythm and order. It’s a critical tool in user revel in design because it presents a level of familiarity for users, letting them intuitively navigate via a site or app in a manner which feels herbal.

However, as critical, because the grid is, it can also be restrictive and rigid, proscribing creative options for designers. In a try and create virtual reports that wreck from lifestyle, many web and UI designers are experimenting with the format by ‘breaking the grid’.

By using transferring far from the grid and rigid baseline systems, designers are growing websites, packages, and interfaces which can be altogether more fascinating and experimental. It opens up an entirely new host of innovative possibilities, allowing designers to create actual assertion portions via the use of layering, depth, motion and apparent focal points.

Why use them?

Breaking the grid offers more innovative alternatives. Its flexibility can create an experience of fluidity and freedom otherwise unachievable while sticking to a grid. However, be very thoughtful to your implementation while doing so. All interfaces need to first and fundamental be person pleasant, and your method to layout ought to always renowned this, otherwise you may have a few very stressed users! You’ll also need to don’t forget how it works on smaller monitors if you’re designing responsively.

04. Illustrations

Top 10 Amazing UI Trends for 2017 to Try This Year

Illustrations offer a feel of persona and man or woman, which can in any other case be tough to acquire with traditional pictures. Bespoke illustrations that work in keeping with an emblem’s identity permits them to carefully create a visible language which certainly captures their personality and tone of voice – useful for inspiring an experience of authenticity and consider in customers and clients.

Illustrations are also a flexible medium too. Some manufacturers may additionally choose smooth line primarily based illustrations to reap that sharp and sophisticated look, whereas others would possibly choose extra difficult-and-geared up hand rendered styles to position them as a laugh and playful. Illustrations open up extra avenues for the innovative course, even more so while lively or used along side pictures and typography.

Why use them?

Illustrations may be tailored to create persona and authenticity, two essential components which move an extended way in developing a significant reference to users. They’re first rate versatile of their software and paintings particularly with a few of the other UI tendencies mentioned inside this piece.

3. Gradients and vivid Colors

Top 10 Amazing UI Trends for 2017 to Try This Year

2013 delivered flat layout which finally spread like wildfire through the layout network, muting colors and removing all superfluous elements in its wake. Although not without its flaws, flat design was a realistic philosophy that still holds fee these days.

It believed in simplifying united states of americato their most center, practical elements to acquire a greater delicate and green person-skilled.

Although practical and right in its intentions, flat layout quickly prompted the net to emerge as a totally comparable panorama. Manufacturers and architects from throughout jumped on the bandwagon, following the rule of thumb fundamentals, which for plenty, result in content material that turned into all too similar and void of personality.

2016 noticed the shackles of flat layout begin to loosen as greater manufacturers and designers started out to once more consciousness on personality, experimenting with shiny coloration palettes and gradients in the region of the easy, however, dull muted tones used formerly. Gradients and brilliant colorations are also being applied in a whole lot more than just traditional UI and web layout, as Instagram’s recent (and debatable), rebrand confirmed. Whether they’re for your flavor or no longer, count on to look a growth within the use of out-there color palettes and transitional gradient colourways as the sector pushes for the character!

Why use them?

Shiny colorations and gradients are high-quality for injecting power, warm temperature, and dynamism into a challenge to make it stand out from the group. Be courageous and test together with your shade palettes, but make sure that they continually work the tone of your content and not towards it. They’re additionally quite sturdy statements, so be thoughtful in their utilization to keep away from an all-out assault on the eyeballs!

2. Long form Content and Scrolling

Top 10 Amazing UI Trends for 2017 to Try This Year

Scrolling is by no means a new mechanic, and actually no longer a ‘fashion’ as lots as a fundamental feature for surfing both the web and applications. But, what we’re an increasing number of seeing greater of is the implementation of long-scroll and long-shape content material on desktop gadgets and larger-screened gadgets to supply content.

As customers have turn out to be more comfortable scrolling to find content material on smaller screened gadgets over the past few years, greater designers have all started enforcing long form content and scrollable interfaces on bigger monitors.

This lets in customers to right away test large volumes of content material, in a single, fluid movement without being eliminated from the revel in by using navigation or interruption. It’s a flexible mechanic which works well throughout all gadgets and mediums of content, from lengthy-shape journalism and news memories, to touchdown pages and interactive experiences.

Why use them?

The long-scroll is an excellent mechanic to enforce while looking for to tell a story or shape the content material in a linear manner to guide the person. It’s a flexible mechanic, extraordinary for growing immersive, seamless, lengthy-form content which allows customers to consume it in a fluid way, no matter the tool they’re the usage of.

1. Immersive, Full-Screen Video

Top 10 Amazing UI Trends for 2017 to Try This Year

The antique announcing ‘a picture paints 1000 words’ nonetheless remains genuine nowadays, and within the international of UI design is still a tremendous manner to quickly grasp the user’s interest. Vision is stated to be the most powerful of all human senses, and a massive, unmarried image is quickly able to summarize each message and tone of voice in a more green, succinct manner.

Imagery has long been a staple of UI and Web layout, and its fulfillment has slowly paved the way for its natural successor – video. We’re seeing video used increasingly in digital design, and for the correct purpose. In which conventional photography is static, the video is dynamic. It’s excellent at catching the attention of customers and as a means of visual storytelling.

Conventional imagery isn’t going to vanish anytime soon, however, one aspect’s for certain – 2017 and beyond can be complete of more rich, interactive and full-display video as a method of engagement and storytelling.

Why use them?

The video, (as well as huge, lovely complete-display imagery), is an effective medium to make use of to engage users and quickly set the tone. Both mediums are rather flexible of their software, working especially nicely as history devices accompanied with typography.

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