After getting your web hosting and the domain name, the most critical task lies before you – building your website. At this stage, you might like to employ the services of a professional website builder; however, you can step into the shoes of a website builder and start on your own. The following tips might be helpful to you.

Get the Sitemap – After having decided the purpose of your website, the next step is to design a sitemap. A sitemap helps in many ways. First it gives you an overall idea about your own site. You now have a definite shape to what you had visualised till now as a website builder and, therefore, you have a focussed approach. Also, it helps in easy navigation of your site.

Purpose of each page – Having created the site map, you now know the number of pages you have in your website. All you have to do is decide the purpose or the content of each page. What is any of your web pages serving your readers? What information are you going to provide?

Next, you have to prepare the content for each page. This may seem daunting, but look at it in this way, you want to provide some information about your site, business or any thing else, and the information can be best provided by you. So, with the help of writing software etc. pen down all that you have to say. Don’t forget to edit it!

Now is the time to decide on the designs and patterns for each page. You can with the help of designing software create the web pages and mix and match with content. Having done things as per your satisfaction, publish your website. And there you are! Now is the time to rejoice your online presence and your first stint as a website builder.

Source by George Pinto