A new site builder in town, and to be honest I wasn’t sure if this product could compare to Site Build It or XSite Pro. For years those two products have dominated the website building arena and have produced remarkable results.

Site Rubix website builder boost that it can build professional looking websites in just five minutes without the need to learn any HTML whatsoever.

First I would like to compare Site Rubix with Site Build It and XSite-Pro, because I have been using those products for years, and is well versed in how they function and the results that those other website builders are producing.

Site Rubix is actually hosted on Wealthy Affiliate servers, and that was what I caught my eye. I can work from anywhere in the world and update and continue to build my sites. the interface was very easy to use.

The whole process is very streamlined, from selecting the template that you will use, even adding multi media to your site was very easy. all was easy to get my pages laid out. the menu selection was very easy as well, it was as simple as adding text. I should say coming up with the exact wording for my pages seemed to be the most difficult task.

What really caught my eye was the CSS styling of the sites, the look and feel of the site I created was very professional. It was very hard to spot that the site created was done using a simple website builder and that it took only ten minutes to do the layout of my whole site.

Now, I have to be honest and can’t give any details as to how well Site Rubix will work as far as driving search engine traffic to your websites. But, if your looking for a website builder that will produce professionally looking websites, without the need to learn HTML programming, then you won’t be disappointed.

One benefit that makes this website builder stand out is the fact that this program comes with an online marketing university course for anyone looking to make money with affiliate programs, and free website hosting. I don’t believe in hosting my sites on any free hosting platforms, so that benefit didn’t excite me one bit.

The Site Rubix site builder, is a really nice web design program and for anyone lacking the tech skills needed to get a website built, will honestly love this online website builder. Site Rubix will give Xsite-Pro and Site Build It (SBI) some stiff competition.

Source by Alexander Marlin