Web development is changing very rapidly as the time passes. Every day there is a new update in web development technologies. Daily new software are introducing. Trends for web development are changing very fast. Here are some trends that you can count on in this year for your web development approaches. As you are a web developer then you should have heard about Docker. Docker is an open source software which is very useful for web developers. This is mainly a container to run your applications on anyplace after development. The same container can be run on the cloud, virtual machine, or on your own computer. With the use of container you will get, the more security features, fast growing and easy web development.

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Java using is falling and this is continuing, because Spark and Node.js will be used. This is right that you need to learn Java for these technologies but these technologies will capture the world of web developemnt. So, if you are a web developer then you need to update yourself with these technologies as there will be high demand of these technologies.

New Web Developement Trends in 2016


Many companies are adopting NoSQL. The main reason behind this is its flexibility, data model and performance. Big giants like Facebook, Google and Amazone have adopted the NoSQL because of their business is rotates around the internet. There are more and more applications are developing in the same business so, NoSQL has very big opportunity to enter in because it offers high scalability and do not requires the fixed schema as the other database requires. If you want a successful web development carrier in future as web developer then it is highly recommended to understand this technology for you. Because many companies will now adopt this technology to keep up with the trends which are changing is the web technologies.


Spark will be used extensively in the future for web development. This framework is a simple Java framework where web developers will not know about XML and lets rapid and very fast development. The Spark is very popular because of it’s easy to use, straightforward and simple architecture.

Real-time Analytics

In this year, this trend will be captured. This trend will change the all sectors of business from retail to finance and manufacturing. There are many applications which provide the real time analytics for the business. For example Customer Management System, a customer analytics can be provided minute by minute, which is very useful for the business for quick decision making. As it is the need of every business and as a web developer you have to know that how to use real time analytics for business work.

Big Data Management

As the world is growing very fast. There is another major trend that will be adopted in this year, which is the management of big data. Because it is very helpful for the companies for their success. As there is a huge amount of data, so that’s why companies will need to know that which data they need most and when they need it. So, big data management will be adopting from every business in this year.

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As a web developer it is very important to know the all new trends of the market and upgrade yourself with these trends and technologies. Web development is very fast growing field. There are updates on every day so, try to keep yourself updated with the new trends.

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