Developing a responsive website is an utmost requirement of each business. When it comes to a budget, everyone thinks that how much it costs to get a responsive website. Obviously, a total cost is dependent upon the number of features you choose. Here, an approximate responsive web design cost is mentioned with details. Other aspects to consider are, Which type of features you want to include, and the service provider you choose, etc. For the ordinary business website, the overall cost is decided by average costs for each component relevant to the website development. WordPress is the most popular web development platform and here is the guidance on approximate development cost to formulate an effective website.

Costing of a Domain Name & Hosting:

Domain name is the URL you reserve to represent your business that is It’s a craze to fix a domain name for what social media accounts are also available. If, social media marketing is no bar then finalize available domain name. Domain name cost varies for .com domains, top level domains, auction domains, for sale domains, etc. GoDaddy charges approximately $11.99 as of now. Officials must know that there is a vast difference between a cost of typical web hosting & potential web hosting.

Designing factor:

No one wants a dumb website design. WordPress is offering thousands of free themes to make a business relevant website. WordPress theme directory offers multiple free themes they are really designed by experienced & skilled designers. If you choose free themes, the budget goes down. Average charges of themes start from $59 for framework themes. Finalize any of the framework themes, if you have skills in designing. Typical WordPress theme cost is $59 to $129. DevPress, Array, The theme foundry, WooThemes, etc. offer per year memberships as well. All they serve for the varied charges that range from $199 to $399. Potential WordPress themes cost lies between $499 to $4999. When it comes to responsive web design cost, for the first time websites the expense in UX (Sitemap, wireframes) is up to $1200. So the costing, in this case, is dependent on a choice of design. For the ultimate eye-catchy designs anyone will pay more.

Development Factor:

  • First-time website Development:

Development charges vary for first-time web development & redevelopment. When you deal with an Offshore web development company, charges will be 10$- 40$/ HR. US-based companies charge more & that is between $60- $200. When you deal with the US based individual developer, you may have to pay between $25 – $100 / HR.

  • Website Re-development:

Talking about a website redesign, websites need utmost new programming efforts. Frequent development roll-outs are noticed in the industry. Hence, the websites that are almost two years old require updated framework, newer plug-ins, responsive designs, etc. The estimation for websites, not more than 20 pages, ranges between $3000-$7200 for programming. The cost may vary depending upon the requirements.

  • Mid-size Business website enhancement:

The business websites consisting up to 30 pages fall into this category. The e-commerce sites are not included in this category. If anybody is looking for the web enhancement which includes brand new design, fresh contents, improved conversation, etc. have to pay around $600-$2400 for the sitemap, wireframes & visual designs.

  • Large website development:

Large website development means a business website has more than 40 pages. The companies with multiple divisions & sub-sections require large website development. These sorts of websites are generally complex to develop. Developers require good efforts in building Database, page templates, etc. Due to complexity in coding, any big company owner will have to invest between $7500 to $15,500.

License & plug-in costs:

If anybody wanted to take advantage of latest extensions, plugins, widgets, modules, etc. that can add extraordinary features then they have to purchase them at minimum cost. If anybody pays to annual license fees $20 – $1000, then they can add the features in websites for a year. Plug-ins function specific tasks & at some point the version may expire. In this case, professional of responsive web development company upgrades expired plug-in.

Website maintenance:

If a website is developed by the prominent company of responsive web development services, then also the maintenance & upgrades are required. The maintenance & up-gradation cost depends upon the level of support client requires. For the general web maintenance & support, an average cost is $1000 per year.

The costs mentioned above are approximate & may vary from company to company & project to project. But after getting this, clients can get an estimation.

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