In this article you will have a how to guide at building your own MLM landing website.

If you are considering marketing you MLM business online then there is a few things you are going to need to have if you want to have a successful MLM business online.

You will need to have your own website (not your companies website) that self brands you and you will need to have a landing page/ squeeze page. A landing page is a page where your visitor goes to learn more about what you are offering. The page requires the visitor to submit their contact information usually name and email in order to have access to your information.

Once the visitor has submitted their contact info they are now a lead for your MLM business. They are giving your permission to send them more information about your products, services or business opportunity.

Build a landing page can be intimidating especially for a new person. You are going to have a list of the things you will need to build your site.

What you will need.

1) Domain name. You can get one at GoDaddy or any domain registry site.

2) Hosting account. One of the most popular sites is HostGator, you can use any host site that you choose.

3) Email auto responder account. AWeber is one of the most popular on the net, and very reliable.

4) FTP account. Filezilla and CyberDuck are the two of the most popular and they are both Free.

5) HTML editor/ creator. Nvu is a popular one that is free to use, there are many to choose from online.

It might seem like a lot if you are brand new, but once you play around with these items and using their help section for each one, you will be an MLM website building pro.

It is recommended that you have all five of the items mentioned above before you start building your site.

Once you have purchased your domain name you will need to contact the hosting company to find out how to get your domain name hosted on their server.

Once your site is hosted with your host company you can now open up your HTML editor/ creator to start building your site.

You will start off with a opening head line that is going to catch the visitors attention and keeping them reading your page. Next you will have a paragraph that tells them more about what they will get or expect on the next page once they submit their contact info. Depending of what your site is about, is going to determine what type of headline and paragraph wording you will use.

A great way to self brand yourself on your site is to have a picture or a video where the visitor can get to know more about you first before they submit their information.

Once you have your wording on your HTML creator, you will need to insert your web form (the box asking the visitor for their name and email). You will get this HTML code from your email auto responder service provider. If your not sure how to get that just check out the help section from your email auto responder company.

Take the web form HTML code and insert it into the HTML editor under the HTML Source section. Once you have done that preview your page. Once everything looks good in the preview section, save your file to a location where you can find it on your computer.

Log into your free FTP server and click on the upload link and locate the HTML file you just created on your computer and upload it to your website. Preview your website to make sure the page you just created and uploaded is showing up correctly on your website.

Once you get the hang of creating landing pages you will need to test, test, and keep testing. To see how your website converts (the number of leads vs the number of visitors you receive on your page). You can test everything from different head lines to different pictures/ videos, you never know ahead of time what is going to convert better.

Source by Matthew Eury