In this tutorial you will learn how to make a website. The main purpose of this guide is to take you in a whole process of making a website for your business. If we go back to 2000 then web pages are created with HTML, CSS and with some scripting languages which was very tricky to learn and start making your own websites. But now in 2016 there are many CMS (Content Management System) to deal with you to create your own website. These website builders helps you that how to make a website even with no coding skills.

The essential step-by-step guide how to make a website

1. Get Your Domain Name:

The very first thing that you want to do is to pick a domain name for you website that should define your business that you want to start. You can do research for your domain name and select a good domain name for you website. You can check the availability of your domain from the given link where you have to putt your desired domain name and click on search button. If the domain name is available then you can register it.

Click here to check domain name for website.

2. Choose a web host and sign up for an account:

A web host is a kind of company that has many computers which are connected to the internet so, when someone place his website into their computers then anyone can access your website through internet. Now the step is to select a reliable and perfect hosting plan for your website.

Read this for more information.

The best website hosting services for your website

3. Designing your web pages:

After setting your domain name and web host now it’s time to design your website. In this step I will assume that you will create your own website by yourself so, you should have the knowledge of website design and website development techniques and tool that are used to make a web page. But there are many CMS platforms from where you can make your own website without coding skills, like


4. Testing your website:

In this step now after creating your website you need to test your website appearance in all major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet explorer 11 and Safari. You can get all these browsers free of cost from their provider’s websites.

5. Processing payment:

If you are offering services or selling some products on your website and you need charge for this from the client then you need to integrate some payment ways. You need to collect credit card information from the client or you can integrate some payment methods like Paypal.

6. Getting your site noticed:

Now after all this when your site is ready you can submit your website to the search engines so if someone search your website in search engine then then it should come to them.

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