Building a   website  was once best left to specialist  website   builders  but not any more. Today  website   builders  are making it very easy to create a  website  by providing platforms and tools to build your own site. Some hosting companies now provide  website   builders . Hosting companies basically provide space on their servers for your website so that people can access it online. Not only do they provide  builders  for you site but also templates and other functions that give your  website  a functional and professional look.

Before you can build your website you must have a product or business on which to build it. If you do not already have a business you need to decide what sort of product or business you are going to promote. For most people this can be the hardest part of building a website. But it need not be. If you already have a product and/or service then building your site will be easy as you will already know lots of information about it.

What Are You Interested In?

Lots of other marketers recommend starting with something you are passionate about. However bear in mind that it also needs to be something other people are also interested in. If you are passionate your excitement will show through to your website visitors, give you motivation and a desire to keep going to build your business. Do something you love doing and it no longer feel like work, in fact it can become fun.

Do Your Research for Interest in Your Proposed Business.

It is very important to check that the business you are passionate about has the potential to make you money. Not all niches will make money and some are also heavily promoted by others. So pick more than one niche and check them all out to find the one that will be the most profitable for you. While doing this research find the popular keywords and keyword phrases and check that enough people are searching for them.

Check Your Niche to See If It is Profitable.

Although you may find that lots of people are searching for your proposed business you need to decide whether you can make money promoting it. What products and/or services can you offer? Will people pay for them? Are they physical or digital products? Do you have a local or world wide market? Are products available that you can market for others and make a commission? Are you going to create your own product? Maybe you could use your passion and expertise to write an eBook or have a hard copy of it for sale on Amazon.

Content for Your Website.

Once you have selected a profitable niche for your website you need to create or find content to build it. You need content that is seen by your visitors as valuable so that they will continue to read and not leave your site prematurely. You can write this content yourself, use private label articles, other free articles republished from article directories or pay a small fee to have them written for you. If you are already knowledge about your niche it will be quite easy for you to create your own unique content.

So that you do not overwhelm yourself with too much writing when you start it might be a idea to republish some articles from the article directories such as Ezine Articles or Go Articles. These are free to use as long as you include the last paragraph or the authors bio box.

Get a Keyword Rich Domain Name

Now that you have selected your niche and sourced some content you will need to select a domain name. For search engine optimization it is a good idea to have your main keyword as part of your domain name and it is preferable it ends in extension. Check what is available at a domain registration sites such as Go Daddy which is very popular with good service.

Building Your Website

Before you start to build your site online I suggest you sketch it out on paper first as it can be quite daunting trying to learn to use a  website   builder  and work out what goes where on your site. You can also check out templates and find one you like to help you with your design process.

Source by Kerrie Sheehan