How to make a website for free – yes it can be done – but is it any good and can it ever make any money?

The first part of this question is easy to answer, yes you can make a good quality website for free, well almost. There is one very small expense involved and that is buying a domain name. Your website address should cost you around $10 and that will cover you for one years use. I know what it’s like to be seriously short of funds but even at my lowest point I could scrape together ten bucks!

Next you need a HTML editor, which is a very convoluted title for a website builder. You will have no problem finding them, just put ‘free HTML editor’ into the search engines and up will pop a fairly lengthy list – but which, if any, are any good ? In my opinion the best of the bunch is Kompozer, downloading it is a simple process and there are no hidden catches.

So now you have the basic tool to generate web pages and to build your site, so what’s next?

If there is one phrase that strikes fear into the heart of any wannabe online superstar it’s the dreaded ‘ftp’ or file transfer protocol. This is a piece of software that takes your newly created site and transfers to your ‘hosting’ company which, in turn, puts it onto the world wide web, a process that many find truly scary as well as technically challenging. It need not be this way, but I will get to that later.

Which free ftp program do I recommend? It is Filezilla. This guys all seem to love their ‘Z’s’

So far we have only spent around $10 and have our site created but in order for Filezilla to present your site to the world you will need a ‘hosting account’. Web hosting companies like Hostgator (one of the best) will cost you around $5 to $15 per month depending on the level of service that you need. The good news is that for most people the cost will be closer to the $5. A web host simply loads all of the elements of your site onto the internet.

Is it possible for anyone, including a complete beginner, to not only make a website for free – almost – but to monetise it, in other words make it generate a regular income? Yes it is but there is a final piece of the internet puzzle, the most vital of all, that we all need to get our hands on before our online career can really get off the ground.

This most important element is, in fact, a two part process.

  1. You must have a step by step, non-techie guide, that shows you in plain English how to handle all of the technical aspects of not only creating a website but exactly how to use the ftp software.
  2. Getting a good quality site online is one thing but how can you get it to bring home the bacon – is anyone going to ‘show you the money?’

Source by Lawrence Stainbank