So, in this guide you will learn about that how to choose the right font your website. So, your website design is looking great and your web is now getting close to being completed, but just one and very important part is left behind which is the text on your website.  The text is the soul and the heart of every website which actually defines every website. It is very good to have the best website design on the web but the website with no text on it is as equal as having no website on the web at all. The actual text can make or break your website. The actual wording makes your website’s reputation. So, it is the most important part to choose the right font for your website success.

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There are three things to consider when you are going to choose the font for your website: size, color and font style. There are certain factors to be considered to be chosen these three components, such as the color of the background, images etc and what is your target audience which is going to view your website.

The first thing is the size which can be used in certain ways instead of one way. The clever use of font size can attract the user to certain parts of the website’s text body, and wrong use can distract the users. If you have noticed that when signing up or downloading a piece of some software the terms and conditions are always in the silly small font? This is always a good thing having the important sub-body of text in a large font which is pleasant for the reader and could save the time of the reader. However, it is also very important to consider the user when making this choice. If your website is targeted to a younger generation or older generation you may do more focus on your font size.

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When writing the text on your website black color is always the best option to choose. Choose the right color for your website so that it will coordinate with the website’s overall content.

Finally the actual font of your website which should be readable and pleasant to the reader. So, you make your decision and you done with the selecting of your font then also be conscious when to use the italic, underline and bold.

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To sum up all, even more than you think it is very important to use the right font for your website. Making the wrong decision while selecting the font will have a negative impact on the website structure and design.

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