Almost anything that you visit on the internet is a website. In fact, any URL you typed on the address bar of your web browsers, always directs to a single page. These simply conclude that websites have become the most indispensable tools on the internet that give businesses and individuals the ability to connect with their customers or audiences. But knowing how to build a website can be very technical, because it requires technical skills like HTML and graphic designs. Well, the truth is, with the advancement of the technology today there are tons of alternatives where newbie or intermediate website builders can learn how to build a website without knowing all those technical stuffs. Unless you pay someone to build a website for you, you would not have a problem. Well, that can be costly, but doing it yourself can save you time and money as well. Throughout this article, you will be able to learn some tips and advice on how to build a website by yourself.

1. Start With A Proper Name

The first thing you will need to know on how to build a website is the buying of a domain name. Remember, starting from business marketing to search engine optimization, selecting a proper name can provide you with great benefits. You can select a name that closely corresponds to the products you deal with or the name of your business. This gives the viewers a clear idea about what the website has for them. You can even opt to use a name which has keywords included in it for search engine optimization purposes. Moreover, try to keep the name short and easy to remember and spell for better verbal publicity. This is the first thing understand on how to build a website. Were you able to follow me?

2. Plan The Structure

Okay, before you proceed with designing the site, you have to plan out the websites structure. Try to figure out how many pages you will use, what content you should put on those pages, what should be on the home page, and etc. Generally most businesses use three to four pages for their websites, and it can be a good option for you as well. However, if you want to include other stuffs like online transactions, videos, feedback pages, forums, blogs, etc, then you might need to create many pages. Well, decide on all these things first before you start designing your site to avoid problems later on. This is the second thing you need to know on how to build a website, and I believe this is the most important step because the structure of the website determines how valuable a website is.

3. Use Original And Interesting Content

The content of your website is very important. Again, “Content is King” and it helps the website to rank higher on search engines. Meaning, the website can gain maximum traffic through content. Writing good content is another step on how to build a website. Without good content, people will not treat your site with importance and your business might not have a good reputation because of this. Try to include interesting and original content that has a fair bit of information for the users to read through. This is also a good way to make people refer other people to your website especially when they love your content. Updating your content regularly will prevent viewers from seeing the same stuff every time they visit your site, so they will always see fresh content every week.

4. The Design

The last step on how to build a website is the website design. You can agree that the look of the website always gives the final touch. Right? Well, the design of your website should relate with your whole project. It should show the nature of the business and should connect with your targeted audience. Try to be professional and yet simple. Do not try to overdo with the designing because that might ruin your SEO optimization. Try to match the theme of the business and ensure it will be something viewers would appreciate from their point of view. If you follow this last step on how to build a website, you will surely have a killer looking website.

At this point you learned four basics steps on how to build a website. You have also understood how these four play together in building the best website. Well, as I have mentioned at the start of this article; you do not need to have all the technical skills to build one especially on the web design part. Well, there are actually web platforms that you can use to build a website. Building a website using platforms like WordPress, and Joomla made it all easy for anyone who wants an easy way on how to build a website. If in any case, you wanted to know more about how to work with WordPress and how to indulge yourself with a better and effective internet marketing business, you can visit the Dirty CPA website. You will have all you need to be rich online with free Video lessons and more. Your future is at your hands, do the right thing! Do not wait for the money to come to you, but allow yourself to move forward and earn your financial freedom.

Source by Arturo Arvizu