Google AdSense is among the easiest monetization plan that you can use nowadays. However, if you think that it is as easy as putting the AdSense code in your websites, there is most likely that you are not making thousands of dollars worth of AdSense income per month. But the good news is you are not alone as only top AdSense publisher know the AdSense crack code.

This article is going to reveal how to build a website for AdSense that works forever, even without any sophisticated tools to use.

Adds Value to the Ads

Many AdSense publishers prefer to blend the ads into the website; such as putting the text link ads in the navigation bar, but I prefer not to do so to prevent the possible click fraud. The reason is simply because that ads position does not add value to the ads sponsors. This might be the reason why Google is slowly enforcing its publisher not to locate AdSense ads at “confusing position”.

So, how to build a website for AdSense then? Easy, just blend the ads into your web content. As the publisher, you write a powerful pre-selling content so that the visitors will click to the AdSense ads after they were warmed up by your great writings. As a result, the advertisers will get the traffic that they want. If you keep this cycle in your website structure, Google AdSense will rate you even higher.

Keep the Traffic Targeted

There are many ways to generate traffic to your website. However, if you want your AdSense ads to be clicked, keeps the traffic coming from the most relevant sources only. I know you want as many visitors as possible to your website, but what is the point of having non-targeted visitors that will not convert? This holds true especially for the bulk traffic purchase.

How to keep the traffic targeted? Easy, just keep your promoting campaign to the most effective means. From my personal experience, pay-per-click like Google AdWords and article marketing are the most effective leads I ever had. Other than that, you can also sponsor banners in other websites, include links in to your forum post signature or blog posts as well as value link exchange.

Use Flexible Web Builder Tool

This is the most important things to be considered because you need tools that allow you to modify your web pages according to the ads performance. Putting the ads in the above fold can be the proven strategy to use for AdSense publishers. However, it might not applicable to some of the niches as they can get irritated once they saw AdSense ads the moment they arrived to the websites.

Do you want to know how to build a website for AdSense? Don’t worry. There are many website builders that are meant for AdSense only but I myself use Site Build It. It offers great flexibility to grow my AdSense income as well as it works pretty easily with other monetization plan. You can use other free website builders too but make sure it works the way you want it to work.

Source by Jullian James