Homestead Sitebuilder is much like any other website builder in that they allow practically anyone to be able to design their own website without having to know a thing about website design. This means that you can effectively and relatively easily build a website that you can have online and running in a matter of minutes, not months.

Homestead Sitebuilder has 2,000 templates that were designed by professional website builders that you can choose from to use for your own website. Think of the template as the frame of a house. You pick the style and the design of the frame and fill up the inside later. Once you have chosen what you want the website frame to look like the rest is simply a fill in the blank process.

Homestead Sitebuilder takes you through the step by step process of building your website and all it really entails is having to add whatever text you want and placing your company logo and pictures where you want them as well. This is all completed with a few simple clicks of the mouse and some dragging and dropping also using your trusty mouse.

Once your website is completed the way you like it all you have to do is one last step and your website will go live. That last step is the simple click of a button and your website is then live for the entire world to see. Because Homestead Sitebuilder hosts your website for you that means that you don’t have to worry about loading your user name and password to any other website hosting service.

Best of all, the price that you pay is only around five bucks a month. When you compare that to other services around you really do end up with a good deal. However the good deal doesn’t stop there. Right now Homestead Sitebuilder is offering a 30-day free trial. To take advantage of their offer simply go to their website and read more about it.

Homestead Sitebuilder is an Intuit company which is one of the most reputable names in the website design industry. Because they have the backing of such a big name, you can feel a little more confident as you will know they are not just another fly by night website builder that won’t be around next month.

Now it is possible for anyone to be able to have a professional looking website that they can create themselves. Gone are the days where you had to know all sorts of special website building code such as HTML. Now with companies like Homestead Sitebuilder your website is closer that you think.

With the ease of use and a free trail offer, you too may want to consider using Homestead Sitebuilder for your website needs. For the price you will pay, and what you will get, it sure beats the alternative of hiring someone to build your website for you and chagrin you tons of money in the process. You can build your own website yourself and Homestead Sitebuilder may be the solution you have been looking for that allows you to do so.

Source by Jason Kay