Zoom-zoom-zoom. In today’s fast-paced Internet marketing world, the call for traffic is stronger than ever. How can you get that traffic to your business website when you have no advertising budget? Method #3 will uncover safe-list marketing as a form of free traffic.

Safe-list membership sites came into being in response to the anti-spam laws. To avoid having a forgetful or even vengeful member of your list report you as a spammer and loose you not only your e-mail account, but possibly even your ISP (Internet Service Provider) a safe-list requires a double-opt in method and logs the date/time and IP address of the requesting computer. Each time someone joins the site, they are provided with the terms of service that state once they confirm their e-mail address they will receive messages from other members.

Double-opt in mailing lists work with an auto-responder that sends an e-mail message to the requesting e-mail address with a confirmation link to be clicked to activate the membership. Once the link is clicked, the new member is added to the list.

Why join a safe-list membership site? Another name for a safe-list is a list   builder . As the name implies, the membership site provides you with the tools you need to build your down-line and advertise the service. Banners, text links, splash pages, they give them away free to help you build your list. If all the technical portions of advertising are beyond your skill-set, then a membership site may meet your needs.

Some sites will even pay you if a member you refer upgrades to paid member status, which is a nice little stream of income that continues as long as you continue your list building efforts.

Because it is a membership site, you can either advertise to build your down-line or in some cases, earn points by reading other member e-mails. The first type of site, will allow you to e-mail the members in your down-line on a periodic basis. The second type allows you to earn points that you redeem for the ability to send your e-mail to random members of the site.

There are even list  builders  that work in conjunction with other list  builders . List Joe is an example of this type of membership site. When a member signs up under you in this program, they can also choose to sign-up for other list building programs simultaneously. If you are a member of those programs, they are added to your down-line there as well.

Once you have your list, you can then safely send out your e-mail marketing messages. Because the membership is such a diverse group, however, this method is not as effective as building your own targeted mailing list. The cost to join most safe-lists or list  builders  is free. You can spend a lot of time building up your down-line this way and it may take weeks or months to get a sizable number of contacts that you can market to on a consistent basis. Most of these sites also have paid membership levels to help you build your lists even faster, by assigning people to your down-line who were not referred to the program, but found it on their own.

Source by Karen Gross