When we see a banner or an advertisement that websites are for sale or an ad for established websites for sale, we think about the website is that it is available to the general public for sale. This assumption is for all the internet savvy people who understand technical terms like domain name acquisition, internet properties, Google AdSense revenue, affiliate income from web properties. But for someone who is not very internet savvy, and uses the internet once in a while, what does this actually mean?

In this articles I will go into detail on what terms like internet property mean, are these properties really worth the high prices they are quoted, are seven figure sales we hear for the website sales true or just a hype? Is everyone selling a website there to scam you and run away with your money? Or is there something called as true website assets which really make money, provide consistent income to their owners to live by and work for themselves? Provide value to millions of people in the world and at the same time provide millions of freelance jobs to the people around the world who have an internet connection.

Lets take a look. It all starts with a domain name. If it is a keyword domain like car.com, thousands of people type them daily out of curiosity on how this site must be. Now traffic of people to a website is the most valuable thing on the internet. So what the owner of cars.com needs to do is find an advertiser that is willing to pay him money depending upon the quality and quantity of traffic his website generates. This is very easy to do as there are hundreds of advertisers on the internet who are willing to pay website owners on a per click basis or per view basis as this traffic is relevant and profitable to their businesses. OK so you might say this is exclusive to the owners of premium domains like cars.com. And what about the website my-website-blah-blah.com that is listed for sale for around $50k?

On any websites for sale site, what we see are hundreds of websites available for sale. The prices we see start from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars and sometimes around a million dollar mark. In practical economical terms, a website is no different that a property or land. Just like our houses that we own generate us rent and provide us passive income, these internet properties also provide monthly rent to their owners. But how?

There is a way out for developing almost any domain name on the internet, especially at this juncture where the internet is still in its infancy and quality content is being rewarded more and more by search engines, advertisers and the usual internet surfer. These websites provide regular quality and unique content to their website visitors and this makes the visitors come back again. Many of these websites also have a community around their topic. Search engines also love such websites and throw a ton of relevant traffic on such websites resulting in the visitor satisfaction and money for the website owner.

So the next time you see a website for sale in seven figures, do not just think it is a scam. It might be worth a look and if you have the funds and do your proper homework, may result in a life long passive income stream. But as a note of caution, not all websites listed for sale are genuine. You need to do your homework, investigate, ask questions, if required engage professional website brokers and verify everything possible before you part with your $$$.

Source by C Watson