How to Drive Traffic to an Email List  Builder 

You have decided to use an email list  builder  program. So you far you have had decent success but you want to increase your subscriber list. If you have ever wondered how to do this using free marketing methods than read this article.

All you have to look into your own email inbox at all the male enhancement ads, and phishing scams to understand why people are very leery of giving out their email addresses these days. People approach any kind of email marketing with a jaundiced eye these days, but there are still tried and true ways to drive traffic to email list  builders  quickly.

On of the best ways is to use article marketing. Article marketing is a method where you write articles that explain to your target audience how to solve a problem or answers a question they have bouncing around in their minds. You then submit them to article directories. You add a resource box that has a link to the landing or squeeze page for your email list  builder .

This helps you two ways. Most of the bigger article directories are highly favored by Google, Yahoo!, MSN, etc. So your individual article has a good chance of being picked and displayed on search engine results. So people will visit the directory from a search engine, read your article and click on the link in your resource box and join your list.

The other way is that your article will be picked up and published one else’s website. There hopefully the same process will be duplicated, all resulting in someone interested in your niche signing up for your email list.

The most common mistake is blindly write articles without testing your results. To start a test, write 20 articles and submit them to the top article directories. Carefully check how many people click on the links and sign up using your email list  builder .

Say the on average each article results in 5 visitors coming to site per day from a single directory and of those 5 maybe 1 or 2 people will use the email list  builder  to sign up. Now you have some numbers to run with. By writing the proper number of articles you “push” more people into your downline and they in return will grow it by using word of mouth.

How to figure the number of article needed. Let’s look at the results from one article directory. Okay, it has 20 articles = 100 visitors per day click through to visit your website. Those visitors have a 1% conversion rate (only 1 of 100 people joined the email list).

To have 10 new people to your downline a day you simply have to add 200 more articles. 200 articles = 1000 clicks to your site, with 1% conversion equals out to 10 people. That’s 300 people a month!

And when you add those same 200 articles to the other article directories, you can easily see how this thing can snowball in some nice profits. So see how easy it is to use article marketing plus an email list  builder  to build some solid and stable downline.

Source by Michael S. Murphy