Yes, the best and easiest way to build Web site traffic is to write articles. And save A lot of time submitting them.

It is through well written articles and keeping your visitor wanting to learn more that you will see more traffic on your Web site. More traffic means more profit for you.

There are many reasons why you need to write articles. Here are just a few.

1. It is easy to do. You can write articles based on your area of expertise or niche. Even if you are not an expert you can learn by surfing the Web. Reading a few articles on the subject will enhance your knowledge to allow you to write an article.

I feel that an article should be more than 400 words but leas than 1500. Unless it’s a sales page you will tend to lose your audience with more than 1500 and not build Web site traffic.

2. You will get a pre-targeted audience. People who read your article are those who are interested in your target. Once they are interested, it doesn’t take much to get them pre-sold, increase your Web site traffic. And then ka-ching – a sale.

3. Better links. One of the ways that search engines give a site higher rankings is based on the number of “back links”. If those reading your articles are interested they will check out your Web site and bingo, you have another back link.

Links back to your site give more points to your rankings then those from your site to other Web sites.

4. Need a call for action. In most of your articles you need to let your readers know what you would like them to do. Either sign up for your e-zine, go to another page that will pre-sell them or purchase a product.

In most articles you will have a way to use a “resource box”. This is where you will put your “call to action” as well as possibly a little bit about you the author. Here is my resource box for my orchid site articles.

“Sign up for tips in our monthly Orchid Newsletter and get your copy of “All About Orchids” e-book and your 10% Discount on an orchid.

I find that the best way for me to write an article is to read 3 or 4 articles about orchids or internet business. Once I finish this I usually have a good idea about what I will write about. Possibly then read a few more articles on the topic and begin writing and watch the Web site traffic increase.

At times, some webmasters don’t have the time to write. There are many free lance writers out there who will write articles for you and not charge a lot of money. Some examples are Elance and Rent A Coder.

Once you write an article I suggest that you submit it to article directories. These are some of the best places for “new visitors” to find out about you and what you are saying. Once you get it into the directories you will notice an increase in your Web site traffic.

What a wonderful surprise when I started doing this I noticed a 30% increase in traffic within the first week. It seems the more I submit the more traffic.

You do need to know that submitting to directories is tedious work and takes time. It was taking me about 6 hours to submit to about 40 directories.

Now it takes me about 11/2 hours.

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Source by Robert Roy