While every marketing guru declares 2017 as being – at last – the year of Better Reality, I’ve chosen to focus on some of the confirmed strategies that are often ignored.

Don’t Start another Blog

Don’ts and Shifting the Attention from Reinvention to Optimization in 2017

Instead, start a podcast. Yes, podcasts are hard to get off the ground. Yes, your viewers will be few. But this is about quality over quantity and what you will lose in size, you will gain in courtesy span. In short, go where the opposition is not. Podcasts can be a great way to increase a following for your brand and certainly lead to greater acknowledgment and conversions down the line.

Don’t Send more LinkedIn Messages

Instead, send value-packed content brochures via snail mail to relevant persons. Go old school, because your opponents aren’t. Pick a few top scenarios to target and send them something of value through the mail. Digital advertisements come and go, but giving them something real to hold on to can stay with a possible client for a long time.

Don’t Segment your Audience

Instead, let them fragment themselves using a bottom-up method. You may have already created audience sections, and that’s great. In 2017, challenge your expectations. Run an a/b test to find the optimal self-segmentation tactic on your app or website. You can discover both messaging and relevant goals for those viewers through such an tactic and take out a lot of the guesswork when it comes to separation.

Don’t add more Features to your Website

Don’ts and Shifting the Attention from Reinvention to Optimization in 2017

Instead, speed up your website; then think through adding new structures. While adding a new feature to your website might grow your conversion rate, it leftovers a doubt. Optimizing the load time of your website is a sure-fire win. Every 1 second in load time progress has been shown to improve eCommerce conversion rates on desktop sites by up to 1% and it has an even greater influence on mobile. Site speed has time and again been a deciding issue in what drives away online visitors. Make sure your site is acting out the best it certainly can before adding too many new features to it.

Don’t add more Content to Your Website

Instead, get real with your viewers. Get rid of your stock photography and add original photos. Write copy that is brief, to-the-point, and honest. If you don’t have the means for these fundamentals, hiring a photographer or spending in a copywriting team can be amazingly helpful. It allows you to convey real and useful info to your viewers, and highlight the true value of your company. Be yourself and your customers will depreciate it.

Don’t Interview your Customers

Instead, talk to those who didn’t become your clients and find out why. You know that chief you just lost? Why did they walk away? What could you have done better? Find out and use it to craft your marketing and sales messaging. This is some of the most valued info you can gain from your existing sales process, and it can help to make better conclusions in the coming year.

Don’t Collect More Data About your Visitors

Instead, collect smarter data. For example, click-tracking data is nice to look at, but how useful is it really in sympathetic what UX tests your customers are facing? Could meeting recordings be more valued? And once you’re capturing meetings, are those being mechanically tagged and organized in a way that is given that significance. Consider a cleverer interactive analysis tool such as SessionCam to get a profounder insight into the behavior or your visitors and where you can make adjustments to your website project in order to create a better user capability.

Don’t Use Every Social Media Platform

Don’ts and Shifting the Attention from Reinvention to Optimization in 2017

Instead, effort on a few or one that you can truly do a good job with. Are 80% of your most skilled leads all coming from one social network? Are your means strained too thin through stages? Stop rotating your wheels. Gain grip where it matters. Focus your capitals on the platform that is providing results. Just because new social media networks are getting popularity, does not essentially mean they are right for you and your brand creativities.

Don’t Send more Emails

Instead, send emails to the right individual, at the right time. Use send time optimization tools to find the best time and day to connect with each separate vision rather than using out-dated molds that only work on ordinary. Don’t be normal, be data-driven.

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