Before we talk about the role of a dedicated link  builder  it is essential to know what link building is. It is usually defined as a practice to get links from your site to your website. It is an art… where a professional will use the right tactics in order to drive your traffic to your website. Depending on the needs of the customers, the SEO companies use different link building strategies:

One-way linking: Here the expert will link your site to another one without exchanging any link. This is done by submitting them to different directories, articles, emails or adding them in press releases.

Two way linking: Popularly known as reciprocal link building service. Here the web traffic is shared among the two website and link is exchanged between the two promoters.

Three way linking: Here the links are created with the sites that have no links with other websites.

Depending on your needs a dedicated link  builder  will make an effective link building strategy that helps in improving your e commerce business. A good link  builder  will

* Make proper database (on the basis of mutually agreed terms and conditions)

* He will create and modify the link pages

* Compose mails, submit website URL on the websites, search engines and directories, do paid submission (here he cost of submission is borne by the client)

* Complete manage & report the status of the linking building process.

Over the years, many web masters have been involved in different link building activities. Here they get inbound links and see that the website gets quality traffic & most important becomes popular in its domain area. To know more about link building services contact or visit a SEO company now.

Source by Mohita B.