If you have yet to design a sports website, there are some things worth knowing that will make your work easier. And increase the quality and value of your deliverable. If you have some experience in sports website design, you will still find value in some of the tips presented here.

Firstly, take the time to understand who the audience of your website will be. This will depend on to some degree on the types of sports you plan to focus on. Or whether your website will be information-oriented, product-oriented, or a combination of both.

Things to Consider:

  • Most sports websites are male-oriented, by about a 2-to-1 margin.
  • A typical male will spend just over an hour each month surfing for sports info. Most of these viewers are in the 25- to 34- year age group.
  • The NFL, the PGA, and NASCAR have a larger percentage of female followers. Approaching 40% in some cases.
  • Males are the dominant NBA and MLB website viewers.

These ratios and statistics are not cast in concrete yet. Trends are changing. Professional leagues have begun courting female sports followers and targeting them on an equal basis with males.

Don’t neglect social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Sports fans tend to bond together because of their common interests. Also, take into account that a majority of sports fans, as a majority of shoppers and other web users, are mobile device users.

Keeping Up with Current Website-Building Trends

One thing a sports website has in common with most informational types of websites is the need to offer a relaxing UX. Except for heavily product-oriented websites, those devoted to sports rely heavily on imagery. To be effective in capturing a user’s attention, and engaging that user, any photos you use should be of professional quality.

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  • High-grade photos are preferable to excessive animation. Photos draw viewers in and encourage them to stay a while, which is what you want. Once a viewer is engaged, the probability of answering a call to action increases.
  • Rather than attempting to push a visitor in a certain direction, limit your design elements to those things that help him or her find what is looking for.
  • A growing trend is a greater use of large fonts and white space. Either or both can be used to focus on important bits of information, or help the user navigate. Large fonts may sound like distractions, but they actually have a relaxing effect.
  • Pay close attention to branding. You need to be consistent because branding is part of your website’s identity.
  • Make mobile-friendliness a top priority. If your website is not responsive, you could lose much of the mobile crowd. It currently makes up between 50% and 60% of all Internet users.
  • Avoid clutter. Make it easy for the user to navigate to a special page featuring information of interest. And easy to navigate back as well. The use of special pages is far superior to cramming as much as possible on your home page or a landing page.

Sports Websites are Data-Driven

Sports and statistics tend to go together hand-in-hand.

Some sports fans spend as much time pouring over statistics as they would if they were professional financial analysts.

To present sports website users with the information they are looking for, you sometimes have to work with big data. And reduce that data to meaningful numbers, and display those numbers in an understandable format.

This is where wpDataTables enters the picture. Working with large amounts of data can be a bit scary or time-consuming. This powerful WordPress plugin, working in conjunction with MySQL, will do the heavy lifting for you.

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wpDataTables produces uncomplicated charts and tables that will appeal to users. Charts and tables similar to those on ESPN, Eurosport or Livescore.

Delivering Clear and Concise Information is More than important – It’s Critical

Every country has its sports followers and sports website viewers. The USA is the leader in this respect, followed by Turkey, Ireland, Spain and the United Kingdom. In Europe, half of the population that goes online will visit a sports website at least once a month.

That’s a lot of viewers who are looking for sports-related information. And a good reason to partner with the wpDataTables plugin.


Using wpDataTables has Many Advantages:

  • Huge amounts of data are easily managed, whether you will be working with hundreds of rows of data, or millions.
  • The charts and tables produced are responsive. A mobile device using sports followers will see what you publish.
  • This plugin can give you beautiful, highly customized charts and table.
  • Data can be pulled from live MySQL or any other conventional source. You don’t have to know MySQL, nor do you have to do any coding.
  • Clients and users have the capability to edit charts and tables. And information of special importance can be highlighted in selected colors.
  • wpDataTables wizards are at your beck and call. They will do all the heavy lifting for you.

This WordPress plugin is like one of those “Amaze Your Friends” devices. It is a powerful tool used by professionals in the financial, scientific, and agricultural sectors among others.

Sound Advice for Building Your Sports Website


Keep the following in mind, and you are much more likely to strike gold:

  • The importance of knowing your audience cannot be overemphasized.
  • Clarity is important. Sports followers tend to look for facts. Like most Internet users, they will become impatient if those facts aren’t clearly presented. With wpDataTables, you can create beautiful charts and tables. And highlight the data types or ranges that users are most interested in.
  • Don’t neglect the mobile crowd. Make certain your website is responsive. As far as charts and tables are concerned, wpDataTables does this for you.
  • Make the best possible use of any of the latest web design trends. Including minimalist design, a good use of white space, and less dependence on clicks.

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