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Building Your Website, there are 3 options to be consider:

Option 1. You can study html and build your own.

Option 2. You can make use of a WYSIWYG editor to build your own site.

Option 3. You could hire a freelance web designer to build your website for you.

Let’s discuss these options one by one.

Option 1. If you have more time to spend for your business and if you are a technically inclined person, you can study html and build your own website for your home business. Obviously, there is a learning curve here but of the three I mentioned above this is the best option.

The only drawback with this option is it takes time to study. It also takes time building the web pages especially if you will begin from scratch. You will probably not be up and running in only some days with this option.

However, studying html and building your own sites will save you hundreds of dollars in the long run. You could easily create as many websites as you want. The more money sites you have in your portfolio, the more chances that you will have at least one big moneymaker.

In short, writing your own code means you could develop money sites as frequently as you wish and as many as you want without having to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars just to hire web designers.

Option 2. You can easily build your own online business website with a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor such as Dreamweaver or FrontPage Extensions. These editors are similar to generating a Microsoft document. Everything is visual and you do not have to know html. The learning curve for these editors is much less as compared to learning to hard code your own website.

The drawback with this option is that it has limitations. Since the code for the site is auto-generated, it tends to produce bugs and errors. In addition to that, you must ensure your hosting has the correct file extensions to host your auto-generated website.

This option will get you up and running in just a short time. However, you need to hire someone at some point to fix the code for you so the page will always load properly and optimally.

How your website is viewed in various browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari etc.), how fast your website loads, and how your site appear on every computer screen are all design factors that makes the first impression to your customers, so weigh each option carefully.

Option 3. Hiring a professional web designer to create your online business site can be a good option especially if you planned thoroughly and have sufficient budget for your business. A professional web designer knows how to give your website the appearance and feel you wish it to have. You can actually be up and running in just a short time.

Be careful, however, in choosing a web designer. Here are some important things you need to keep in mind when hiring a professional web developer.

1. You should register your own domain name yourself. If they say they will register the domain name for you, say no. Registering a domain name is not technically tough. You should do this yourself.

Why you should do this? Okay, many sly web designers do some unethical practices. For instance they register the domain name at the cheapest price they can find and then charge you $100 or more per year for the domain name.

Worst, many of them register it in their own name and account! This will cause you big problems in the future if you ever decide not to use their services anymore. The domain name must be in your own name and account always.

2. Ask them what software or application they are using to develop their client’s site. If they are going to make use of Adobe Dreamweaver, FrontPage or other WYSIWYG editor, you may as well develop your own online business site professionally using these site   builders . If they can’t write html from scratch or edit the codes, then they should not be in the web developing and design business.

3. Be wary if they offer to run your business website for you and charge you every month. Avoid getting into yearly contracts as well. Their only job is to build the pages for your online business site and nothing more.

Keep in mind that most web designers are simply designers. They may know nothing or just a little about internet marketing, search engine optimization, online business management, or anything else. Employ a web designer to design your pages and other freelancer to do what they are excellent at.

4. Be careful when they offer you additional features that you don’t really need. Just like real estate brokers or any other salesmen in the offline world, they will try to persuade you to add on a lot of bells and whistles that is not really necessary.

5. Be aware what kind of website you want them to build for you and you should have the idea of its corresponding charge. For example, a brochure site is one that is basically designed to merely let your prospects know what products or services you offer and to contact you to get more info.

This kind of site generally consist of a main page or the home page, an about page, and the contact page. You should not be paying more than $500 with this.

6. If at some point you want to add the feature so that customers can purchase your product or service by paying through your online business website, then it becomes an e-commerce website. As said earlier, be wary for the bells and whistles that real estate brokers or used car salesman tries to sell you.

For instance, if the web designer tries to offer an e-commerce script that accepts online payments and then charge you hundreds of dollars for it then you should look for other options. There are a lot of free services that you can find online.

If you are still staring out one of the best option for your e-commerce site is PayPal. It is easy and free to get a PayPal account. Once you have your own premier or business PayPal account, you can quickly generate your own buy buttons and insert them into your website with the code they provide. You don’t need to consult an html guru here.

One of the advantages of PayPal is that you can configure shipping costs and every other e-commerce needs through PayPal for free. They do charge some percentages per sale, but the services they provide are worth it.

Furthermore, they don’t require setup fee or monthly fee like other e-commerce services online. Now, if your sales volume reaches into thousands of dollars per month, you may look for a better solution, but until then, use PayPal.

7. An used saying one of those who make cash on the internet is “You develop the primary one for show and remainder for dough”. What that means is this; you will likely be very concerned concerning the find of your site in the starting, notwithstanding arrangement is the LEAST important factor of your home web business.

Lots of will disagree, but who cares. Let me repeat, arrangement is the LEAST crucial factor of your home internet based business. A beautiful site with no traffic gets uglier by the day. An ugly site with visitors that makes dollar gets more beautiful by the dollar.

Start a total budget for your home internet based business. Spend no more than 30% of that budget on design. Spend remainder on promoting your site, advertising, and other actions that bring you customers. Don’t let some designer talk you into thinking his arrangement is more vital than your home business’s success.

8. Here’s an old saying among those who make a living online “You build the first one for show and the rest for dough”. What that means is this; just like many make money online beginners you will likely be very anxious about the beauty or appearance of your website. You should understand, however, that design is the least important aspect of your online business website.

For sure many folks will disagree with this idea, but who cares. Let me reiterate, design is the least important aspect of your online business website. You see, a beautiful or super elegant website without a single visitor or zero traffic gets uglier by the day. An ugly website with a lot of visitors or high traffic that makes money gets more beautiful by the dollar.

As an entrepreneur you should allocate a total budget for your own online business. Use only less than 30% of that budget on your website appearance and design. Use the most of your budget on marketing your website, promotions, advertising, and other actions that will bring you more visitors and customers.

So in essence what we are trying to say here is that don’t let some designer convince you into thinking that his/her design is more important than your online business’s success.

Finally, now that you already obtained your own domain name, your own web hosting, and a business website, you need to generate traffic and get those customers. So, where do you get them? You already have your own site up and running, won’t they only find it now?

The answer is: they will never find your site until you start promoting it.

We are offering Top Notch Quality Websites

We give 100% money back if you won’t like our work. We usually have a complete layout for you within 24 hours and that is responsive as well. We are professional and we like to remain honest in what we do!

Source by Michael Angelo Orsonal