An effective easy  website   builder  should follow these building blocks to be successful:

1. Keywords

You must choose the right keywords for your theme. Before putting up your first Web page should do the following:

A. you must research what keywords your visitors might search for

B. you must know the competition and how to deal with it

C. you must plan how to make money

This may Sound like a lot of work. However, this you must follow. You must find your special target Market called niche.There may be hundreds and thousands of keywords for any site concept. You need to select the right keywords for your niche. Think about overall profitability.

2. Domain Name Registration

You need a domain name and you need to register it. That could cost you anywhere from $9.99 to $25.00 depending on your registrar. Research all of them. Domain name with your site theme concept is recommended but not necessary.

3. Website building

This is most difficult and challenging part especially if you are new to this world of internet is creating a website. You need to know html. It is not difficult but very time consuming and challenging to learn from scratch. Time is of the essence here. You want your business and running soon. Your learning and then building is going to take a considerable amount of time.

4. Web Site Hosting

The website you build needs a server to host. There is a monthly or yearly fee for that as well. This ranges from $3.00 to $35.00 a month. The selection of such a service depends on the services you are going to offer and stage on your website.

5. Traffic-Building System

Traffic is the true lifeblood of any web business. No visitor means no business. Most small business sites fail to build their own free, targeted traffic. So in turn, they try to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars per month, for visitors.

6. Search Engine Optimization

People cannot find you if your site does not rank in the search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. No one who searches by the keyword you selected is going to find you. Only when people find you there is a good possibility of a click to visit your site. This is traffic.

7. Monetization

The goal of easy  website   builder  is to help you make some money, unless it is your hobby. You need to sell some products or services. Making money is the goal of putting up a business online. All your keywords and site concepts should work towards the goal of making some money at the end.

All these can be done by you the hard way or you can let some one do all these plus more the ease way. An easy  website   builder  should be able build these blocks effectively for you.

Source by Robert R Fenn