Building a website today, technically speaking, is a breeze, well at least a great deal more straightforward than it used to be. The crucial question that any aspiring site owner should ask themselves is, ‘why, precisely, do I need this site – what am I going to do with it?’ That is the question I invite you to consider today.

I’m amazed how often friends ask me to build them a site and when I ask them what the purpose of the site will be they will answer something like, ‘Well I just felt that I needed a site so that I could post photographs on there of the kids, holidays and let everyone know our contact details. At the same time I’ve had this idea, for a while, of selling perfumed candles on the web, oh and then there is work stuff’

Step one when building a website today is the need to realize that a personal, commercial, hobby or work related sites are very different beasts. A site cannot be all things to all men. You must be clear in your own mind precisely what you want your website to achieve.

You may, like me, wish to build sites with the idea of generating income, if so then you now must consider what format your website will have.

Squeeze Page

This type of site consists of a landing page whose sole purpose is not to sell anything but instead to get your visitor to enter their name and email address into what is known as an opt-in form. You would build list of subscribers that you can, at some point, sell something to. The advantage of this approach is that a site can be online in a matter of hours.


You could start you own blog with the idea of supplying your visitors with a great deal of information on a particular subject. Your visitors could leave comments and you might, indeed, encourage interaction. You could become a trusted authority in whatever area you choose and at some point when you recommend a product or service your readers may be inclined to buy.

Authority Site

Similar to the above, this is a multi-page site containing a great deal of original content. As far as the search engines, like Google, are concerned content is king. A site like this could take sometime to feature on page one of the search results but done correctly could attract a lot of visitors and possibly generate a very healthy income.

Source by Lawrence Stainbank