If you are running a small business and your website is the calling card to attract the clients for your success then according to Web Builder Guide “The first thing you should pay attention to while choosing a web builder is the ability to edit and customize website-templates.” Your focus should be that the website builder that you are going to use has the key feature in website template to meet your business requirements.

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Your business needs depends on your industry in which you are running your business, so it’s most important that you should do little bit of search that which platform will best to meet your goals for creating your own website for your business. The most important features for a business website are SEO friendliness, social media capabilities and responsive website structure, because now in these days the use of mobile has increased and everyone has access to internet, so it is most important that your website should have mobile friendly capabilities.

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Here are some examples of most attractive features and reliable website builders to create your website from zero budget to big budget.



Wix is most reliable and secure website builder has free hosting with website and also has 24/7 support for clients and also has mobile design which is Google-friendly. To create your own website wix has drag and drop option and then you can choose from their customized apps for getting more traffic to your website.




Weebly is a popular and ultimate website builder to build a very profession looking website for your business which will be most up to date website design. Weebly is  a complete solution to create your own website for your business to fulfill your all business needs. There is a large variety of responsive website templates that you can select according to your needs and business requirements.



Shopify website builder is highly recommended for all to create your own website who are looking to grow in ecommerce store websites. Shopify has more than hundred templates of eCommerce store with their own settings. Shopify supports 50 languages wich allows your website be read in different languages which is a good sign for you business.

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