With everything becoming expensive, no one can resist the appeal of getting something for free. All of us get excited by the idea of getting samples of new products and often, flock to buy products that have a free offer. Things like buy one, get another at no cost, twenty percent extra at the same price, buy the lotion and get the at no cost promotions attract us. For the same reason, we are attracted by the idea of a free website builder.

But a free website builder is a good idea not just because it doesn’t have any associated cost. A free website builder also helps you if you are a beginner. This creator provides beginners with the tools they need to create an effective site. All this is in addition to the fact that beginners do not need to know how to code or program for developing a site. But can all these creators be trusted? And which one is the best for you? Let’s take a look at the method you can use to determine the best free website builder for you.

1. Is there really no cost involved: Before you are tempted to sign up, determine if there is really no cost involved? Often, these creators have hidden costs in the guise of a minuscule trial period at no cost or costs being associated with components that are essential to any site. Go through all the stipulations and packages and determine exactly what you are getting. Also, determine the compromises you would need to make and see if you can live with the compromises. Can your business really live with a shared domain or is it essential that you need your own domain?

2. Payment plans: If you cannot live with the compromises, check out the payment plans and make a list of what each plan has to offer. Do not overlook details and read between the lines. After all, if they say that customer support is only available with a certain plan, it is seen as a luxury. If this is also accompanied by no guarantee of ensuring that your site would be online round the clock, expect your new site to break down frequently. But if the guarantee is provided, you can easily assume that their content development tool is not as intuitive as they make it out to be.

3. Quality: If you find that the free website builder is really free, check if it is worth it. Take a look at their portfolio sites and see how different they are. Ask yourself they are easily navigable with intuitive navigation tools. Check if they are acclaimed or provide any guarantees. Also, determine whether the website builder provides extensive, unique templates? Check if these templates are customizable and if content can be easily populated in each template? Go through the recommendations and analyze them. Do they seem overly positive? Do they seem to be written by real people with real problems? Is each recommendation accompanied by the appropriate website? The answers to these questions would help you determine the quality of your selected website builder.

Source by Sandy Pardal