We are the web designer and development company so, we meet daily with folks who are searching for the best web designer to design their website. And naturally, I liked those who choose us.

So come to the topic, choosing a web designer to design a good website for your business. As I said we are a web development company and we meet daily with the customers. From our experience, we know very well that if someone wants to hire a web designer, then what is exactly in his mind and for what he is searching for. So, today I will tell you 5 most important questions that you should ask from your web designer before choosing him.

A first meeting with the web design company is an interview. You should make sure that their business is genuine, and you are meeting with the right people. The main and important thing for you to understand their approach for your unique challenges that your business is tackling. So, in few minutes these five questions will show you everything which an hour presentation can not do.

Question No: 1 What is your approach to usability?

Before anything else, this question will help you to figure out about a web development company that they are experienced or new one. When you will ask about the usability you will know that what they are focusing on and what they have in mind about the most important element the visitor of the website. Because your website in not depends on that what you are thinking about the design of the website nor your web designer. It depends on the user friendly web design. You need a web designer firm that thinks highly about user friendly design will develop a good design for your business website.

Question No: 2 can you show me some example with similar work of yours?

When you will ask this kind of question then you will know about their previous work and capabilities. You will figure out two things with this question. If your web designer firm has already built something like that then, you will figure out your website usability and can make some further changes, but if they did not have develop anything yet, then you will figure that they have the ability, do they have any idea about this and are they upfront about it? What kind of challenges they will face now? Look for a web design firm that can show you a various designs.

Question No: 3 can I meet with the team?

This kind of question will instantly reveal that the firm has in house team or outsource team. With this question you will know that firm that you are thinking are reliable for you have the in house team who works together on similar projects. Or they are a freelancer team who did not work before together, which is not a good thing for you. You need to find a team of specialists for your serious goals.

 Question No: 4 what if I want to make changes later?

One of the most important thing about the web development companies is their approach of design for future changes.

In future every website will change its design. So, the best web design approach from your web designer is to have the ability to change with the time. So, some firms charge per hour for further changes in the future, which can cost you a high amount of money. But some set up a content management tool which makes it easy and fast and free for you to upload images, update text and pages.

With this question you will know their offer and approach for you and then you can select the best one for you.

Question No: 5 how will we measure the results?

This question is little technical and it is not a bad thing for a web designer to answer this question. Hear about some terms like unique visitors, bounce rate, inbound links, time on site, page views, conversion rate and search engine ranking etc. Ask them for an explanation in simple words.

Best answer from a firm should be like this.

“We will measure the bounce rate, conversion percentage and unique visitors. These are the most important metrics for us because our goal is generating the leads. We will show you the track measures and we use analytics for this.”

So these are some questions that will help you a lot in finding a good web designer for you. Feel free to share your experience with us in the comment section and let us know about your precious opinion.

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