Animation is a process of bringing sketched characters to life with a means of computer technology. A designer requires imagination, creativity as well as problem solving skills. It is a sophisticated technique to create moving pictures. The computer technology animation has brought a revolution in the world of graphics. It has improved the graphics to produce and improve complex as well as unique visual content. Advanced and modified animation has brought innovative solutions for the graphic designers.

There are three-dimensional as well as two-dimensional animations. The most advanced is the three-dimensional animation. A designer’s characters breathe in life with three-dimensional animation. This type of animation leaves emphatic sound impact and visual effects. It has changed the world of fashion in graphics. The two-dimensional animation is the basis of the three-dimensional animation. A designer should have knowledge of this animation in order to master three-dimensional animation. One should have basic knowledge of developing primary characters by using bouncing ball principle. A developer should also have knowledge about the color theory in order to use good combination of colors for the characters. You should also have knowledge of the bone structure and skin textures. The shading and sketching skills are also vital in creating animation. One should have thorough knowledge of the tools and other equipments used in creating animated characters. You should also have knowledge of giving a final fluid effect to the animated characters. A designer can grasp extensive knowledge of a mesh tool as well as modeling the character. One should be able to set the models or animated characters proportionately. There is no essential difference between the three-dimensional and two-dimensional animation. Both of them rely on basic algorithm that is same to both types of animation. However, the three-dimensional animation leaves attractive visual effects on the characters.

It is not an easy task to bring characters to life. It requires extensive knowledge of the basics and tools. A designer should have knowledge of two-dimensional and three-dimensional animation. This animation is used to create websites, making games, cartoon characters and other design products. One can make extensive use of animation for even creating animated advertisements and films. The use of the Flash site builder technology has made it popular among the people worldwide.

Source by Anee Steven