Parallels Plesk is a scalable web application used to create and manage websites. This is an easy to use web application. This is integrated with just business processes. Plesk is ideal tool to market your site from site traffic to a new client base.

There are five steps involved Plesk Site builder. The procedure is easy to follow. This wizard is composed of a number of improved modules. Because of this wizard, the Plesk has become a web application that is powerful and flexible.

Parallels Plesk Site builder’s easy to use web interface is a five step click and point wizard. This includes page structure, sample text, design and layout templates and powerful WYSIWYG editor. It has an advanced design templates and features. The hundreds of sophisticated templates have color variants are combined with photo albums, advanced statistics and a powerful WYSIWYG editor. It is designed for differentiation.

Both users and providers can select an assortment of skins that integrate with control panels. This can then modify the look and feel for the use of private branding. It has an open structure that will be able to modify default templates designs, create page sets that can be used by more advanced users and add new templates.

Lastly, Parallels Plesk Site builder has language support that they are available in languages like: Japanese, Spanish, English, German, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified and Russian.

There are several advantages of Plesk for hosting providers. First, they can attract and retain more customers. You can use Parallels Plesk Site builder to adding customized footers on your websites. This will generate more revenue and be able to attract diverse customers.

Secondly, they have fast implementation and deployment. Since Plesk is an out of the box tool, they can have this fast implementation and deployment.

You can also re-brand to fit your service offering. When re-branding Plesk Site builder, modify the admin interface parameter even without eliminating the server side coding needs.

Fourth, the administration control panel is powerful and intuitive. Hosting providers can control the settings of Plesk Site builder. This includes default components system parameters and users.

Plesk Site builder are ready for integration with just a single sign on capability. This can also be utilized by other control panels.

There are also several advantages for the end users. It has easy to follow five-step wizard. This allows users to create a structure, design, modify the content, alter the default settings, and even publish a website.

The unique feature of Intuitive WYSIWYG Editor is that it lets end users to edit the content of their website even with no background about HTML. Plesk Site builder has 500 different preset templates to choose from. There are tutorials provided for easy learning. The user will soon perfect navigating through it. And he will be an expert in no time at all.

It has many modules that makes Plesk powerful and flexible. There are modules for imaging. This is a whole gallery. There is Blog for writing personal stories or other opinions. The Guestbook is the portion where visitors can drop you a message. There is a bulletin board for more interactive discussion. The eShop will be the corner for selling some items.

It allows site owners to have several website administrations. The owner has full reigns to keep track of his site, manage it, configure profile, create new sites, and manage e-shop orders and more.

It has lots of hardware requirements. It is better that you choose Pentium IV for fast working. The minimum screen resolution should be 1024×768. It can run in both windows and Linux.

Source by David Urmann