Has your website failed to achieve the visibility you expected? Is it not device-friendly? Working on the desktop, but not on mobile? Taking too much time to load? Struggling to get visitors? Or doesn’t appeal strongly enough to compel users to fill your query form? It seems something is rotten in the state of Denmark. Yes, your website hasn’t been built right. It’s time to reach out to your web development company and get those issues resolved at your earliest.

To help you out, we have listed here five silly website issues you must get fixed by your web developer.

  1. Canonical Issues

Let me explain you this with an example




The three URLs point to the same domain. The ambiguity, as which is the real page for users and search engines, is detrimental to the UX (User Experience) as well as ranking. Also, it makes difficult for the web analytics tool to measure the ranking metrics, like impression, click, bounce rate, etc.

Make sure your website is getting accessed by one URL. Keeping a single URL for every page is good for your audience as well as for the search engines.

Way out? Search engines do have their guidelines for webmasters to fix the problem. For instance, Google’s Webmaster Guidelines suggest using rel=”canonical” link element against the preferred URL. Then the page will be considered as the real one, and crawler will not get misled.  At the same time, web developers need to use 301 redirects for other pages. Doing so will redirect users to the preferred page automatically. So no matter whichever URLs your user’s type, they are to land on your preferred page.

  1. Letting Visitors to Guess

Once visitors are on your web page, be their guide allowing them to find the information or content they want to have. Whether they have come on your homepage or root page directly, through some referral means, or social channels, let them navigate through your website easily. Their movement across the website from one page to another, back and forth, should be smooth. For this to happen, your content development team needs to be in sync with the web development company.

  1. Ignoring SEO Norms

You invested a lot in the website content; you hired a good copywriter to get persuasive content on your website, but what if the page isn’t visible to the search engine. This could be distressing. Well, you must act swiftly to avoid such damage to your brand. Ask your web development company to equip your website with the right SEO plugins, thereby, providing you with options to include meta title, meta description, meta keywords, tags, etc. the way you want.

  1. Heavy Images Without Description

An image is worth a thousand words, but what if that image is not readable to the search engines? Will it surface anywhere? The web developer London you hire must come to terms with the webmaster guidelines of the search engines while incorporating images. The inclusion of Alt tag, description or caption is mandated.

Leaving junk files or broken links on a website can stem up another major challenge regarding website performance. They unnecessarily burden the site and eat up the bandwidth of the user’s Internet.

  1. Using Too Much Inline CSS & JavaScript

Resorting to tedious and lengthy inline CSS and Javascript coding tends to increase the overall file size of the website which, in turn, slows down the website and deteriorate the quality of user experience.

A web developer is no more in the compulsion to use them, provided he or she is acquainted with the skills and expertise to use contemporary web technologies including CSS3 and HTML5. Google or any other search engines often patronage a site that loads faster. Thus, ranking also gets a boost, which is the ultimate goal.

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