There are 3 popular types of website designs for small businesses to gain success in the market. Every small business owner probably knows that how much the importance of having a website for the business. If  you want to try this thing, then you may be wondering that from where to start and even which web design should be used for your first website which is suited for your business, and will generate more sales for you.


This is very important for you to understand about the different web style for the business  website. A proper website design for your small business website can build a style for your business that meets the needs of your business and make the eye-catching presence of your business on an online market (Internet).

3 Most Popular Web Design Types for Small Business Owners

1. Magazine style websites

Magazine style website entertains the visitors and engages them to the website. This kind of websites is best suited for those who are working on blogs or doing affiliate marketing business. But someone is targeting a specific product or service then this style can’t meet the needs of the business. In the magazine style, the articles are featured with the general information on different topics or niche. Which integrates the content-related advertisements into the website. These ads are placed with different styles on the website, mostly on the right-hand sidebar with the text, images, slideshow and in the article.

In the magazine style websites, the use of content makes it good looking for the business who are working on services and affiliate products. The website may contain the information about the insurance as an example. There may be lots of information about the insurance on the website in the form of articles, images, and video content. It includes the information about personal insurance, car insurance, house insurance and business insurance on the websites with the ads of related insurance agencies on the website.

2. Brochure style websites

Brochure style websites are alike the print versions in look and purpose. This type of website may be included in the information about the history of the business, products and services offered by the company and customer testimonials. In this kind of website design, the working business hours and contact information should also be stated on the page. Most of this kind of website designs have the pages about the experience and the history of the business. This kind of business style website has the information about the products and services for the customers for what they are interested in buying. The brochure design websites are best for this kind of businesses.

If you are working on the local services business and wish to promote your business in your targeted area then a brochure design website is the best choice for you. Your business may be about the home decoration, home products, and any others. When you will design a website from a web designer for your business, then he will use the brochure web design as a showcase for your business with attractive images, videos, catchy phrases and a well-written description about your business and products.

3. E-commerce style websites

E-commerce style website are online shopping websites. This business model may be included with electrical products, clothes, home appliances, health products, etc. in eCommerce website design you will create a virtual store of products where all your products will be listed in the different categories. This helps the customers to navigate through the website for his desired product. In e-commerce websites, there is a shopping cart feature which collects the selected products of the customer which he/she want to purchase as final checkout with the different payment options.

When the small business owner understands the proper design for his business and starts working with the web designer, then he will get his goals and more profit from his business. Web designers have the proper expertise and skills to guide the small business owners for the right decision for his business website design.


Your website is the face of your website and acts as an entrance to your business for customers. So, it should be perfectly designed and maintained for your business success. If  you want to hire highly experienced and professionals for your business website design then check out our portfolio on our Portfolio page and don’t hesitate to know about your mind.

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