Most of the small businesses turn to local web developers when they want the first website for their business while many  of them turn to web development agencies and some small business owners take this challenge by themselves. Today, we will try to help those who are brave to enough to take this challenge to build their own website for their business.

Note, if you still want to build your own website for your small business then it will cost you time to learn just common website development programming languages (like, JavaScript, Python, HTML5 and CSS3 etc) to build your web design. It is my advice to you if can afford to hire a web developer then go ahead and let him do this job.

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Let’s start so, what are some common web design mistakes that many small businesses do? Is it having too much content on their website or having less content? Is it about the website design, it’s color scheme or its navigation and usability? They are out there, we just need to learn these things to spot them.

Content of website for small business

Normally a small business website consists of several pages like Home page, Contact us, About us, Services or product page and privacy policy. You are trying to tell the customers about your business with the content on your website. Your main focus is to make sure that the content that you are putting on your website is logical and readable for the customer. Your content should define exactly about your business.

I recommend you to focus on the call-to-action calls and make sure that your all messages are proper and encouraging your customers to take the action on your small business website.

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Design of website for small business

It is proved from various surveys that web design is the key to success for every business. Normally the stander of placing your business logo on the website is on the top left corner of the header on your website. Placing the logo in any other place can distract your customers. Always try to discuss the website design and color scheme with your friends or co-workers for their suggestion and advice which can be very helpful for you to create a better design for your website.

The most important thing on your website design is the navigation of your website. Navigation is the pretty crucial thing that how visitors will find the things on your website, so make your website navigation simple and easy to access.

Completeness of website

Mostly I have seen this take place with startups, when someone starts out early with the incomplete number of team members, just when things start to warm up in areas like development and design, the appearance of the current website becomes totally forgotten. Keep in mind that never publish any content that is not 100% ready.

Make your website Google friendly and mobile friendly. The responsiveness of your website will boost your website usability and your business growth.

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